Quality System

In July, 2003, KML was awarded ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certificate by AJA International Certification Services Ltd.KML has undertaken to related parties that it will strictly implement and maintain the established quality management system.
 To supply the products that meet the customers' requirements, applicable laws and regulations, based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 Standard, KML will identify, establish, implement and continuously improve the following quality management system processes in the light of the specific conditions of the Company:

 A. Management Responsibilities

General Manager is expected to be responsible for the following work:
•Making quality policy and quality goal regarding the quality management system to satisfy customers gearing with their needs.
•Stating responsibilities and power scopes for administrators, executive persons and identifiers as well as describing their correlation to improve the Company's result by satisfying customers.
•Appointing major administrators and organizing inner or external exchange activities to improve the consciousness required by customers as well as the validity of the quality management system.This process will imply orientation and duty for other quality management system process.
Meanwhile, the result will be evaluated to continuously improve the quality management system.

 B. Resources Management Process
 With this process, General Manager will provide necessary resources to realize other quality management processes' orderly and efficient running, aiming at completing quality policy and quality goal, continuously improve the result of the quality management system.

 C. Products Realization Process
With focus on the principle of being orderly and efficient, this process includes such work processes as assembling, processing, sale, procurement, logistics and import and export document treatment.As regards the specific service projects required by customers, the Company will figure out related resolutions in accordance with the requirement of ISO9001: 2001 Standard 7.1

 D. Evaluation, Analysis and Improvement Process
 General manager leads and organizes quality system improvement .
 Furthermore ,customer is the our focus ,we should collect and analyse complain and advices to improve our services .
 At the same time ,company build corresponding control programe to manage file ,stuff,record.