Come to Vote and Win an iPod!!!

Since establishment, KML places a lot emphasis on creating a strong corporate culture and cultivation of team spirit, based on our psychology, attitudes, beliefs and common values. To fashion our commitment and consolidate organizational image, KML has introduced a set of corporate culture posters-named “Scaling New Heights” to our customers.

The set of posters is a specific collection of our values and norms that are shared by our staff and that guide our way to interact with customers in daily business. In order to understand the general impression on our culture, and to delivery KML's sprit to outside, we would like to hold a vote for the best posters and draw from the participations who may win an ipod as an incentive to express our appreciation for sharing opinion with us.

  1. Please fill your name and email address for the draw.
  2. Pick three best posters from all selections.
  3. Submit your vote.

Deadline of this vote is July 1st, 2011, and the prize winner will be raffled with email addresses before July 15th. Voting result and the best posters will be announced online, and the winner will be reached by email for more details to send out the prize.

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